Investor Corner

Details of Depositories

Name of the Depository ISIN NO.
National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) INE084A01016
Central Depository Services(INDIA) Ltd. (CDSL) INE084A01016

ShareHolder's Correspondence

  • Change of Address ShareHolders may inform Bigshare Services Private Limited. at the address given above any change in their address for correspondence to ensure timely receipt of various communications, dividend etc
  • Non-Receipt of Shares after Allotment The investors/ ShareHolders who have not received the Share certificates till date, are requested to write to Bigshare Services Private Limited. - Registrar & Transfer Agent at the address given above enclosing a copy of acknowledgement of their application .
  • Non-Receipt of Shares sent for Transfer ShareHolders who do not receive the Shares sent for Transfer, After expiry of 35 days from the date of Despatch/Lodging, may write to R& TA - Bigshare Services Private Limited. or the Share Department of the Bank, giving the following particulars:

    1 .Name & Folio No. of Transferor
    2. Name of Transferee
    3. No. of Shares
    4. Share certificate(s) No.
    5. Date of Lodgement

  • For issuance of duplicate share certificates. 
    Investors/shareholders seeking issuance of duplicate share certificates may furnish
    Information in the following specimen formats to the Registrar & Transfer Agent of
    the Bank. In the case of single-holdings, the shareholder concerned and all shareholders in the case of joint-holdings must sign the documents to be submitted.


I. Questionnaire form. 
II. Affidavit on stamp paper of requisite value. 
III. Indemnity on stamp paper of requisite value. 
IV. Indemnity with surety (ies).

For Transmission of shares. 
Legal heirs of deceased shareholder(s) of the Bank for transmission of shares in their names may furnish information in the following specimen formats to the Registrar & Transfer Agent of the Bank. In the case of joint holdings legal heirs concerned are eligible for transmission of shares only when all the share holders are deceased. This transmission of shares is not applicable in case Nomination has been got duly registered with the Bank. 
I. No Objection Letter by other heirs in favour of the persons claiming title of the shares. 
II. Indemnity Bond duly stamped with at least one acceptable surety.
III. Claim form. 
IV. Affidavit duly stamped. 
V. Surety form.

Stakeholders Relationship Committee

Stakeholder Relationship Committee has been constituted to ensure expeditious Redressal of Investor’s / Shareholders’ Grievances.

Details of Past Dividend Payments (1996 – 2007) 

Details of Past Dividend Payments (2008 – 2015)