Fixed Term

Fixed/Short Term Deposit

Types of Accounts

Term Deposit accounts may be opened in the names of

  • Individual - Single Accounts
  • Two or more individuals - Joint Accounts
  • Sole Proprietory Concerns
  • Partnership Firms
  • Illiterate Persons
  • Blind Persons
  • Minors
  • Limited Companies
  • Associations, Clubs, Societies, etc.
  • Trusts
  • Joint Hindu families (accounts of non-trading nature only)
  • Municipalities
  • Government and Quasi-Government Bodies
  • Panchayats
  • Religious Institutions
  • Educational Institutions (including Universities)
  • Charitable Institutions

Minimum amount Rs.1 lac for SDR and Rs.10,000/- for FDR in Metro and Urban Branches and Rs.5000/- in Rural and Semi urban branches and for senior citizens the minimum amount will be Rs 5000/-Minimum amount per single deposit for period of 7days to 14 days will be Rs.1lac.