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Depository Services

DEMAT Customers can avail “IDeAS” of NSDL or “easi” of CDSL which is offered free of cost. Customers can view their holdings with latest valuation 24x7 by availing this facility. Visit CSDL site (http://www.cdslindia.com/) of NSDL site (https://nsdl.co.in/)for registration. Our Demat customers can view their holdings in one of the following three ways:

  • Customers who have availed Internet Banking Facility - By logging on to our website and through Internet Banking- Demat Section
  • Others by availing the facility of iDeas of NSDL or easi of CDSL, which is offered free of cost By obtaining Statement from our centralized DPO in Mumbai or from any of the BOI Designated Branches
  • Facilities available for our Demat Account holders
  • Dematerialization of physical share certificates Rematerialization i.e. converting electronic holding into physical certificate Safe Custody of DEMAT securities. Instantaneous transfer of shares/securities. Settlement of trade done in DEMAT/ rolling segment of stock exchanges. Pledge/hypothecation of DEMAT securities.
  • Direct credit of DEMAT shares allotted in Public/Rights/Bonus Issues. Auto distribution of dividend through depository system Transposition-cum-DEMAT facility to enable investors to transpose name/s of joint holder/s, along with the process of Dematerialization. An investor can get his/her securities Dematerialized in same account if names appearing on the certificates match with the names in the account even if the names are in different order.
  • Freezing/Defreezing of account facility by which you may instruct your DPO to freeze your Star Secure Account till further notice. This way, no transaction can affect your account without your explicit authorization. Demat Account Opening Forms (AOF) are available with all the BOI Branches. Customers/Branches may also contact over phone or through email our DPOs, HO- SDM or Tie up Brokers for AOF. For downloading BOI NSDL Demat Account Opening Forms click here For downloading BOI CDSL Demat Account Opening Forms click here